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The Walter Lee Wilmore (WLW) Foundation was founded in February 1998 by Statice

Wilmore in remembrance of her dad, Walter Lee Wilmore, who began smoking at age 9,

and prematurely died from cigarette smoking at age 49. The WLW Foundation is a federally

registered 501(c)3 nonprofit and a registered public charity with the California State

Attorney General Office. The mission of the WLW Foundation is to promote healthy

lifestyles among inner-city youth and to engage them in positive alternative activities and

programs that will enhance, protect, and preserve their health and well-being. The

cornerstone belief of the Foundation is “Prevention Today for a Healthier Tomorrow.” The

WLW Foundation consists of five members, who represent racial and ethnic diversity with

55% African-American, 20% Hispanic/Latino, and 15% Asian Pacific Islander, and 10%

Native-American and/or Other.


Prevention Today
for a Healthier Tomorrow.

We serve primarily youth and their families in Los Angeles

County who are predominantly of low socio-economic status and from single-family parent

households. Our agency staff represents more than 60 years of providing social work

services, public health programming for youth and their families, and implementing

successful public policy work and systems change on the local level.


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